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My name is Jag Dhamrait, Mortgage Agent Level 2, who's a reverse mortgage and private lending specialist. Proudly part of Affinity Mortgage Solutions, recognized as the #2 brokerage in Ontario and top 10 in Canada, I am deeply committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.

Experience and Commitment: With over nine years of dedication to the financial industry, I have been fortunate to witness firsthand the joy and satisfaction of clients achieving their homeownership goals. This journey has not only been a professional calling but a personal fulfillment that intertwines with my life's most cherished aspects.

Personal Touch: Beyond the confines of my profession, my heart belongs to my family, including my two children and wife, who fill my life with joy and keep me grounded and motivated. My personal passions, such as travelling, trying new foods, playing sports, starting my days at the gym, and aspiring to become a ‘snowbird’ reflect my belief in a balanced life, where dedication to health and happiness fuels professional success.

Philosophy and Approach: The essence of my work lies in the privilege of tailoring mortgage solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of each family. The complexity and challenges of our industry demand a problem-solving mindset, which I embrace with enthusiasm and a deep sense of responsibility. My goal is to navigate these challenges with you, ensuring a seamless and informed journey to homeownership.

Client Focus: I am steadfast in my commitment to keeping our clients informed and comfortable throughout the mortgage process. Our team at Affinity Mortgage Solutions stands for professionalism, a diverse selection of lenders, and personalized solutions, especially for unique cases such as self-employed individuals.

Mission Statement: Your home is the backdrop of your life's most precious stories. I am honored to assist in achieving your dreams, facilitating the creation of beautiful memories in your cherished home. Thank you for entrusting me with one of your life's most significant investments.


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